Swab the poop deck! – Battlefield 4


Someone has to do it… Waging war on Air, Land and Sea in Battlefield 4 with the squad and partaking in some delightful sniping! Use code FRAGS for a discount!

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Music: Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are Ü Now ft. Justin Bieber (Instrumental)

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  1. Hey Jack,  would like to hear about how the update affected the attack jet and its turning radius.   You guys talked about it several times.  Thanks and thumbs up.

  2. Just a Brilliant discussion about star wars and ROFLd on the " Swabbing the poop deck" 😛
    And the Futurama reference and the Dr. Zoidberg "whoopwhoop"

  3. @jackfrags  There are 2 seater versions for all Fighter jets, They are called Trainer Jets and Pilots use it to train new recruits.

  4. Jack, how to you edit your videos? It seems like you have the voice audio of you and your friends separate and while you guys have conversations, your video footage kind of deviates from whats going on, and then when something spectacular happens during the conversation, the video comes back to be synced up… Sounds like a interesting editing tactic, but sure makes for some great videos!

  5. Jack you should do another Budget PC Build!!!! Hey Guys, I was just wondering if you could just take a moment to check out my latest BF4 RPG Montage. As I would highly appreciate it Thanks!!!

  6. You guys have all of the best Battlefield banter!
    Does anyone else feel that the attack jets have been nerfed? It seems to take more effort to get kills nowadays…

  7. honestly, that outro vs. his older ones is way to commercial! always loved the music he used that not many heard off.. orher then that, awesome vid again


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