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Rooms with Mods, Maps and Tutorials, rooms to post your content, discussions, voice channels etc.. and lets get a nice community going 😀


Multiplayer Mod (You only need this mod to play multiplayer) –

Multiplayer Server (Read instructions on discord page) –

SXL Modding Discord –


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  1. New Replay Editor Tutorial on the way! This one will include single trick fish eye and long lens tips, a follow up video will be out at a later time with line filming tips and hopefully more!

  2. Cool mod but not really worth playing for me tbh. You can't replay any tricks and everyone looks the same as you. If you could spectate other people it would make it a lot better because if you are trying to play a game of skate you can't really tell if they locked into the grind correctly. I just don't really feel the need to be in a freeskate lobby, I'll stick with single player for now until there is a way to play proper games of skate.


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