The Art of Video Game Title Screens


that’s right we got dog jokes

footage used:
The Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute (Patrick Scott Patterson)

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  1. Some of my favorite game menus you didn’t bring up would be borderlands 2, Transformers FoC, Dying Light, Black Ops II, Crysis 3, and Alien Isolation. All very great menus.
    All very good in the music category too. As well as art

  2. The MW series (including the 2019's launch title screen) had some great ones. The Uncharted games had some great screens, as well. And don't get me started on the Metroid Prime series. Also, Killzone and God of War.

  3. Divinity Original Sin 2, Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead, Halo 3, Mass Effect 1, and Dead Island have really emotional Title Screens for me.

  4. I always take a few minutes to enjoy the title screen of The Last of Us. The visuals and the music are so beautiful.

  5. One of my favorite title screens ever is Detroit Becomes Human, where there's this Android girl staring at you and at first she's pretty chill and assistant-like but as the game progresses and the conflict between machine and humanity gets more intricate she becomes unstable, it's pretty cool and unsettling, and when the rebellion begins she asks you to leave and you can let her or not.

  6. Skyrim had some epic music in it's title screen. I sometimes listen to it for a while before starting to play.

    I really love Half-Life 2's atmospheric title screen that shows peaceful sights of the locations you're in at that stage of the game.

    My favourite screen might still be Portal, where you watch the test chambers you play through the same cameras the villian watches you throughout the game. The music there is also soothing and creepy at the same time and when you've finished the game the title screen will have a cake in it, the thing that was promised to you multiple times during the game.

  7. i like his explanation of how to settle online arguments. by sharing a glass of milk and having an open mouth kiss

  8. I really like Zombie army trilogy title screen cause each menu portrays different things happening within the same scenario

  9. Needless to say, Okami has an amazing title screen.
    Also… somewhat unrelated, but please play the games "Furi" and "ICEY".

  10. The Metroid fusion title screen is great, it’s an almost horrific spin on the Metroid theme, with brooding undertones and a slow moving cutscene with great pixel art

  11. although it didnt really get a whole segment, i love that it was included, that title screen is beautiful. im so glad that game is getting more recognition with DE

  12. Hey nakey jakey have you done different ways of video game credits bc some games have credits during gameplay to introduce the player like red dead redemption 2 but saints row IV re-elected and the metroid prime series resets your abilities.

  13. watching old Jake is really cool. i love seeing how he was just starting to find his footing. you see his humor at its roots, some stuff stays the same and some stuff you can tell he’s unsure of. it’s awesome to see him embrace these things today.

  14. Christ Jakey, this is practically notebook abuse, you dropped that thing 7 times. That's like 2 more times than my parents dropped me.


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