The Confessions Game


The best encounters with friends are those where we can talk honestly about what’s going on in our lives, sharing triumphs, joys, fears and longings – without the usual shyness or reserve. We made the Confessions Game to get a group of friends into some of the very best sorts of conversations.

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  1. A great game. I need to buy this…

    That woman who told her boyfriend that he needs to be ok with her flirting with other guys…is an idiot, and he needs to leave her. Lol

  2. I think this is a great game to see what is truly in their hearts. It is also useful in learning if you want to continue being with someone. would you rather not know and find out she cheated, or find out during this game and separate because you see the obvious red alarms. Also, remember this is also a test of maturity, and to see if someone will start a fight. Its better to see if you would start a fight or maybe have a conversation. you people are thinking far too linear in this game. as if you can't tell your girlfriend something after her answer that isn't a joke. I personally would communicate how that remark hurt me and that I would kindly tell her that we need to reevaluate our relationship and maybe break up because of the red flags in seeing. We could stay friends, but I wouldn't be able to stay in a sexual relationship, I'm sorry babe but that is just one of my boundaries and that is crossing it. I don't want you cheating on me and clearly you value being desired by other people… so yeah. we're gonna need to take a break and see if we still want to be with each other afterwards. and that's the end of what I would try and communicate to her. Then move on to the real question… What is your favorite Stand from JoJos?

  3. This game on its own would be great, but I'm pretty much convinced that it be even better with car's against humanity cards mixed in to add more insanity and hilariously vulgar things to say.

  4. I honestly like this video. The hateful comments on here are sickening. This game looks interesting. Thank you for your amazing videos.

  5. Oh no 🙁 I definitely don‘t think making someone feel bad in front of other people, and she clearly was doing that, is in any way a healthy form of deep connection and honesty. If feelings like she has arise you should probably talk one on one with your partner about it at one point. It seems like this could have been a productive, hard but honest conversation that might or might not have led to a change or break up in the relationship if handled tactfully and respectful. But obviously that does not work in a group of friends with alcohol, i think this part really lacked the point the video was trying to make and took way to many liberties in what a honest comment should be . i can only say ouch 🙁

  6. LOL I love School of Life, but this game is a Stanley Kubrick film waiting to happen. Or Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf lolololol It should come with a huge disclaimer. It's also a bit disappointing how much it focuses on sex.

  7. wow, this was an incredible video. something you would almost never ever catch in real life. theres always a degree of a guard. I felt being recorded with your friends allowed for such brutally uninhibited responses. In real life, there a higher likely chance that there may be a concession by a lesser liked party, individuals may feel more free to express irrational anger and fear, everyone listening may not be equally looking out for everyones interests, etc. The potential problems are exhausting in how many ways interaction like that could have gone wrong, had it not been recorded with friends. Like it or not folks, we got real reactions. The man at the end felt genuine shame in his insecurities coming out in the open, something he may have covered up with anger or fleeing the situation. The woman was able to freely express her subtle but definite anger about how she felt when he acted possessive. The video didn't make this go worse, this problem already existed in their relationship and if anything the video may have caused things to go better .One of the man's friends got a chance to console him at the end and said that he could flirt with her, and regardless of if the girlfriend had a problem with that, at least it would open up a dialogue to why she can pick who her boyfriend can flirt with or not. Can the boyfriend then dothe same thing? Or would the dialogue then end this whole problem and make the girlfriend understand where the boyfriend is coming from and stop? And the boyfriend at the end got to express that because he didn't have as many friends that were girls, that he may be feeling more insecure on the situation because of that and if he in fact did get more girls that are friends and flirted with them, his girlfriend would find him more desirable. And even though I personally don't know if that is healthy, I think theres a degree of truth in that that you can apply to any relationship. We need more of these! People shouldn't be so afraid to hide their truths!

  8. I'd buy it if the game would be in Spanish. Truth is, I'm confident on English, but i don't have more than 1 or two friends that speak English in a fluent way. I am from Argentina

  9. Same thing as with Cut's games. Most questions are about sex&relationships, and I don't have enough (or any) experience for that (I'm 20)

  10. Seems to me that a different set of questions should be in the cards depending on what kind of people are present.

  11. Have you considered the reason society is embedded in irrelevant neutral topics is because they have no value and therefore can't create conflict?

  12. this is palpably cringeworthy. needs more self-deprecation and less taking themselves seriously. having said this–i really want to try this game with friends.

  13. Since the previous one about how conversations are based on admin (How long did that take? Where do you do that? Which train do you get?), I've noticed it every time it happens (ie, every time I talk to someone), and always now try and steer the conversation onto feeling-centricity.

  14. some of these comments are suprisingly judgmental and defensive and i think y'all should go watch more school of life videos lol

  15. I think this is a interesting game idea and can go well but also this couple is kind of toxic so it's giving the game to seem like a bad idea

  16. I really admire that some people do have that… kind of flexibility in them… but hey, nobody's perfect, and maby some of those things would might end up in serious arguments

  17. 4:43 Whoa. You should probably leave her. Wow. She flirts with other men and wants to be attractive to them. Wow. It's okay to cry, man.

    I suppose that you should leave a bad match as soon as possible. We're all getting older after all. If your girlfriend is flirting with other men and wants them to find her attractive. I mean, that's the opposite of my experience with being in love. But this confessions game became a "You Really Should Leave Me" game. Definitely play this game soon if you plan to have kids.

  18. That woman who was saying she wants to be able to flirt with other men, and it's important to her to feel desired by more than just her boyfriend…

    That woman is an idiot, and He needs to leave her…fast…

  19. I love all the text in this video because it's so true. Everyone want's to share their secrets, only in a way and situation that is acceptable and understanding so this is perfect, although I hope not as many questions are based around sex

  20. Directors cut: at the end, the white chap is standing over a twisted, bloody mush of limbs and entrails with a kitchen knife in his hand.

  21. Is there a nasty and fantasy confession version hahaha. Or a frankly honest view on someone like how much of a self-absorbed bitch the other person is and find their humor to be stupid.

  22. I don't know whether or not the confession game is a good idea. But I do know that all the players have to agree that there can be no recriminations from the confessions.


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