The Metaphysics of the Beard Game


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  1. Well-said! I sub'd…. Women crave masculinity, but they keep lying to themselves and letting the feminists fool them, but deep down, they succumb to masculine energy, as every woman wants a man to lead her regardless of status, income, etc.

    I kept my beard game on for years now as a sign of FREEDOM/masculinity, especially because women can't grow beards like we men do… Heck, not all men can even grow full beards lol. This was way before the beard-game stuff on fb, but I kept it for me as a sign of leaving the plantation, being FEE, and no employer can mandate how my facial hairs should be since they tend to render men effeminate, feminize men, and emasculate men.

    FYI, that culture you mentioned, is my culture in African originally, and I am allowed to have as many wives – yay (and this is not Muslim by the way, just pure African Culture)! That is why I can not wait to join the EXODUS from the west to pick-out my beautify AFRICAN QUEEN DAMSELS – yeah!! Until then, I remain MGTOW while in the WEST so as to avert the divorce courts, alimony, and child support mess!!

  2. Notice how a lot of those old gods (Annunaki, Sumerian gods, etc….) have long beards? Yeah, just sayin'. Us men ought to reclaim our Divine Masculine energies.

  3. Commercials, Movies, Soap Operas, the list is long the Male with the beard is the hot commodity these days. But let's keep in mind your dress attire with the beard promotes that true masculinity. I'm old school a nice sport coat with dress slacks and the most important piece is the shoes. That's just my opinion.

  4. I was bearded before it was trending and back then it brought me many troubles.

    If I shave, after 2 weeks my whole face would be messed up because am hair and just don't know how to manage clean shave without bumps.

  5. My beard always grows to epic, mountain man proportions. I'm also a Bass singer. Checked my testosterone level. It was at the very top. The Doctor thought I was taking supplements, because it's so high! Nope, just Blessed by God Almighty. Praise the Lord.

  6. It is sooo nice to just wake up and kiss or rub face to face on the one you love – but you can't when his stubble is in that short phase where every hair is a knife or thorn cutting into a woman's face (not all men have such stubble). Humidity and the time of the month can make her skin yet more vulnerable. Men do not experience this so they need to train or remind themselves to watch how they kiss a woman (or their infants or children) while their stubble is thorn-like. Going out into the day then requires make up or a bandage over your abrasion wound if it is in a visible spot.

    The beard prevents all that stress. Understandably, beards get too hot for some men in warm months so they shave them, but any relief from the problem of stubble thorns is much appreciated! Some men do not have any facial hair – I believe American Indian men are often blessed with this. Nicely maintained beards also feel TERRIFIC – I can only imagine how many babies have cried those adorable baby laughs when their daddies or male relatives rubbed their beards against their little faces/bodies :).

  7. Ive noticed that when i grew my beard, which i keep lined and trimmed, more women, young and old are speaking and smiling at me at just about everywhere i go

  8. Beards are attractive because they not only represent masculinity and testosterone , but most men can't grow a full beard, not patches until after 25 or 30, and woman naturally like an older man . That older man with masculine energy coursing through his veins is a deadly combination.

  9. I just started to grow mines but I don't think it'll connect lol I'll just have the big sideburns & thick goatee!💯 or maybe the old school handlebar 😂

  10. Bro Rom the Beard game ain't no joke trust me in making a shit load of paper since I started my men's beard grooming line and the funny part alot of women be copping for they dudes .

  11. I’m growing one because for the past 13yrs in the military I cannot…. now that I’m am free it’s time to let nature take its toll…. separating the men from the boys and gays from the standup real men

  12. You are absolutely right. Men have been rocking the beard in every civilization across the world since the first civilization was built by mens hands. Women know whats up, either on the conscious level and just play like they don't, or at least, like you said, on the subconscious level down to their DNA


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