The Origins of Betty Boop


Betty Boop was created by Max Fleischer of Fleischer Studios, and made her debut in 1930’s Talkartoon cartoon short “Dizzy Dishes.” The cartoon originally starred the voice talent of Margie Hines, and Betty appeared as an anthropomorphic French poodle that was modeled after the likeness of singer Helen Kane. An immediate success due to Betty’s saucy look, it was only in 1932’s cartoon “Any Rags” that she transformed into a human. Her floppy ears became hoop earrings, and her black canine snout transitioned into skin-colored button nose. A cartoon that loved to sing and dance, she became recognized for her large child-like head, love of music and cute catch phrase. Join as we explore the origins of Betty Boop.


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  1. What they failed 2 tell people is that Betty Boop was based on an African-American woman another black character once again whitewashed by the media

  2. What about Esther Jones!! Helen Kane and manager admitted in court they stole the voice and show from Esther! Remove or edit video to show the REAL origin of Betty Boop.

  3. Betty was inspired by a black woman named Esther whom worked at night clubs in the 1920s and the white woman u showed also stole Esthers look, style, and way of speaking and singing and Esther sued her and won the case. Betty basically was a black woman that they turned white to please audiences. Basically Betty Boop is a black woman 🙂

  4. Betty boop is based on a black woman, not Helen Kane. Which specific woman seems to be up for debate, but most believe it was "Baby" Esther Jones. Kane copied Jones' style and then tried to claim to be the inspiration for the character. There was a lawsuit over it that Kane lost.

  5. “Unique portrayal of women….” THEY STOLE IMAGES AND THE LIKENESS OF BLACK WOMEN!!!! I grew up thinking that this was just a cartoon version of Josephine Baker, who also had a quirky, whimsical and child-like way about her.

    No famous white woman looked like, was shaped like nor dressed like Betty Boop, but they want to keep telling this lie!

  6. betty did not appear of the likeness of margie heinz it was the likeness of Esther Jones also know as baby esther because she was know for her baby voice and Boop oop a doop and also wear revealing dress like betty boop. even max fleischer confirm that it was based on esther jones.☺😆

  7. Betty Boop was not based on actor Helen Kane. In fact, Helen Kane attempted to sue Max Fleisher in the 1930s, alleging she was owed royalties for using her persona. During the trial, evidence (to include photos and recordings) of "Baby" Esther Jones (born Gertrude Saunders) were produced. Baby Esther was a Jazz Singer who performed at the Harlem Cotton Club in the 1920s. She created the "Baby Style" popular in the 20s & 30s which inspired Fleisher's Betty Boop. Baby Esther Jones was never given public credit or awarded royalties as a black jazz singer…

  8. She was modeled after multiple successful women of the 20s. The artist started her as a dog with wobbly ears and Legs, and arms. Saying the line boop boop be doop was inspired by Esther and recreate it into something else just like anything nowadays is. Betty Boop was not solely created after Esther. Forgetting the rest of the women who inspired the new look of Betty Boop is incorrect. Betty Boop is what the artist created her as. If her whole look and sound an attitude and so forth was inspired by one person then she would look that way. However clearly that's not the case. Betty Boop is a great fictional character who is now modeled after any ethnicity today and she belongs to the whole world which is what any artist would want. if I were to draw a character which I have and model that character after multiple individuals which I also have done and only one group of individuals wanted to come after and put a claim on that character…..I think I would blush. Argue away lol she was black because of a sound effect😒 she was white😒
    the character is fictional is started as a floppy dog…….oh damn now my dogs wanna put a claim on her. Lol who let the dogs out? Lol 😆
    Ok….Puerto Rican here looking at people like…..are you done yet?
    Then plays Michael Jackson's, it doesn't matter if you're black or white song.💓
    Oh how we all love each other😁🙏💓


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