The Random Game_Korean Traditional Game


This video intoduces about the Random Game that consists of Frying Pan game, 007 bang, Baskin Robbins 31 etc.
The reason for choosing the random game was because
we wanted to show that traditional costumes and many types of equipment are not really needed in order to enjoy traditional games.
Many people may still think like that, but it isn’t necessarily true.
There are a variety of fun Korean traditional entertainments that can be played on the spot with your friends whenever you are bored.
We hope that more people around the world can learn and enjoy Korean games.
Thank you:)

By. Myungduk Foreign Language Highscool German Class
명덕외고 독일어과 23기
10608 전우호 Jeon Woo-ho
10610 김나연 Kim Na-yeon
10616 박연지 Park Yeon-ji
10628 홍혜윤 Hong Hye-yun

Background Music List
01. Julia(inst.)-Infinite
02. Happy Things-J rabbit


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  1. baskin robbin 31 is the same as 21 we play in india but who says 21 doesn't looses he has to choose between truth and dare

  2. Is the random game similar to "I am ground"? I'm doing a project on the history of games and songs in Korea, I haven't checked the history yet, but it looks fun so I might find a way to fit it in.

  3. This looks fun and students are having fun.
    It seems like this is going to have good way of life.
    Students do need some fun and enjoy.

  4. can you please lower the volume on the music? i can't hear what the students are saying so don't understand how the game is suppose to go. thanks

  5. Omg cool vid! But when i watch frypan game, in their video they saying a korean sentence… maybe frypan in korean? Ting ting ting ting teng teng teng teng ting ting teng teng then fctuyiulbukvhfxefsftigui what is the korean sentence that you use ? In romanization if its possible pls xD


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