Time Crisis 1 – Timed Game – Stage 2


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Here is a newer and higher quality speed run of Time Crisis 1 / タイムクライシス, playing the Timed Game Mode on the PS1 version.

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Time Crisis 1 is my most viewed video ever, and I have got a bit better at the game in the 5 years since I uploaded my video onto here. I have also done the Special Mode, and the only thing left is the Timed Game / Time Attack mode, so here it is. Please enjoy!

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Time Crisis is an arcade Light Gun game which has hugely popular in 1996 when it was released. Its popularity has also brought many sequals too.

The game introduced the action pedal, which when pressed, made it so you can shoot enemies, and when released, made you dodge bullets and reload.

There is no scoring system, it is just all based around completion time, though there is a skill point system.

There is a time attack mode, where you can play any one stage, and have infinite lives too, which is helpful for practicing.

There is a port of Time Crisis on the PS1, however the graphics are not as good as the arcade release, and the timing is inaccurate too, so you can’t compare scores between the two versions.

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  1. I can shoot all the enemies quicker than the time it takes for the railings to come down, so it isn't needed


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