Top 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week


It’s another brilliant week for new indie games coming out and this video, Stuart James from Get Indie Gaming covers the top 10 best upcoming new indie games out this week, Week 20, May11th through to May 17th 2020 across PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One

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Top 10 Best Indie Games Out This Week – Links and Timestamps:
0:19 – 10: VirtuaVerse:
1:26 – 9: The Eternal Castle: Remastered:
2:28 – 8: Island Saver:
3:28 – 7: Terraria: Journeys End:
4:36 – 6: SAI:
5:28 – 5: Mega Baseball 3:
6:31 – 4: Huntdown:
8:05 – 3: Deep Rock Galactic:
9:33 – 2: Ion Fury:
10:32 – 1: Signs of the Sojourner:

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  1. Another week and while not as busy as of late, there are plenty of great looking indie games out this week. Hope you enjoy!

  2. why do you say we when you're clearly one dude? are you telling us that someone else writes the dialogue and you're just the narrator?

  3. How is the Switch version of Terraria overall? I never really got into it before, but I feel like it might be a good fit for Switch.

  4. SAI is awesome, I hope the developers make more amazing games. Really hope I get to meet one of the developers one day!

  5. Omg, thank you for putting the names of the games on the screen while you talk about it, makes it so much easier to learn that name!

  6. SAI is really cool! I just bought and played it and it was really. And the fact that most of it is going to charity is just really cool. Deffo recommend it to everyone

  7. Interesting week for me. I just discovered Huntdown the other day and it looks like my kind of thing.

    The Eternal Castle I'd never even heard of but that trailer really grabbed me.

    And then there's Ion Fury which I've been waiting for on Switch since last summer when it was supposed to come out but didn't.

    I cant afford more than one right now so I'll have to choose wisely….

  8. as a active DRG player I have to tell you something – the game looks very different – Get Indie Gaming used early game trailer footage, so if you wanna see how the game looks at this moment watch this narrated trailer from last week

  9. Deep Rock Galactic is GOTY 2019. I put 100 hours into it and will likely put 100 more into it (game will have free future updates). A MUST play if you enjoyed L4D

  10. An someone explain what an indie game is. Or what's the difference between.. like .. American games?? .. idk how to say it lol

  11. The eternal castle looks fantastic, is it on/ going to be on Steam?
    Also, I noticed Island Saver looks very similar to slime rancher.


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