Top 5 Final Burn Alpha (FBA) Games


Watch as we play through what the top 5 fba games. This is hodgepodge list giving you some classics and maybe a few you have never heard of before. Whatever it is, check out some of these games. We pick a variety of games to open up your experience.

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  1. Hi, evryone anybdy give me some idee for configurate fba in attract mode and wich fba can use for attract mode

  2. Hi,thanx but how make configurate final burn alpha in attract mode ,it not work in my attract mode ,can you explain for me ,or can you give me some idee

  3. How did you get marvel vs capcom clash of the super heros to work? I have downloaded like 20 different roms and cant get none of them working. Which emulator are using using?

  4. No Street Fighter III smh
    and Marvel Vs Capcom to top everything off wasn't the best decision
    but thats just me
    I love fighting games

  5. You have to remember the people who are familiar with these games are probably far older than you and are very familiar, so you don't have to present the games as if they are new releases.

  6. Here's a noob question, for games that have 3 or 4 player options, if you play with a ps3 controller is it as simple as the others players turning on their controllers ? or would you need to do stuff in the retropie set/ configuration? thanks

  7. i having trouble mapping buttons on my picade is there anyone who has a config file setup for picade that i can have

  8. Anyone here know of a 64 GB version of Rey's image? I found a Kevin's 64 GB image, but it didn't have any ROMs. Looking for a 64 GB image with most of the ROMs. Thanks!

  9. Drew thanks for putting these up. I'm having issues with Attract Mode control settings but nothing I shouldn't be able to handle.

  10. Hi Drew.
    Noob question how do i get into controller config for FBA? Its different to MAME isn't it?

    Also how do i go into game list mode instead of using attract mode? I did it once by accident and I forgot how I did it, now im back in attract mode?

  11. Quick question, I currently run Mame-libretro on my rpie, are there games in the Final Burn Alpha set that aren't in the Mame-libretro set? Is there any other reason I would want to use FBA over Mame-libretro?


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