Top 9 Gaming Fridges


Where would we be without fridges in real life? Without their ability to keep food cool until ready for consumption, our diets would be a heck of a lot less varied than they are.

And they’ve had quite the impact on the world of gaming as well. To celebrate our chilly friends and their continuing support of our species, I’ve decided to count down my nine favourite in video game history. Whether they make for a fun level, have an important place in the narrative or even save your life, they’re all welcome here.

Of course, I had to make that joke for number three JUST when Nintendo recently stopped making third-party claims for some of their games…


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  1. As you can see, I've made the shadow behind the text very dark in this video to make it stand out more. Does it look good, or is it too distracting? Should I keep it that way for future videos or do you prefer the old style more?

  2. Console we have exclusive games
    PC we have best performance
    But fridge hold my drink and food I am new gaming competitor and I am the master race, I have cold drinks, food plus I am games
    Fridge master race 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. @whoisthisgit do a leave my eyes alone with fridges and have it be around the Billion suprise toys talking fridge

  4. I spent the whole video crossing myfingers for that one attack in Kirby 64…

    Censored by Nintendo

  5. i can't believe you actually didn't include the infamous freezer room from Tomb Raider games where you can trap your butler inside.

  6. "Pink is one of my favorite colours, even after playing this game"-Whoisthisgit, 2018.

    Kirby should be thanked.

  7. I've always loved how unorthodox your countdown topics can be.

    T'is a shame that we didn't really get to see discussion on number 3. I would have loved to hear your insights on such a positive representation of the refrigerator. Also I really like Kirby so there's that too.

    Also of course someone made a visual novel about talking house appliances.

  8. I like the fridge in Person 4. Sometimes holding questionable items that you can eat to raise things like Courage.

  9. When I saw this video's notification I was working on a lbp3 level sketch wich also had a giant fridge you went inside and stuff

  10. THANK you for leaving much of Cold Hearts to be discovered when we play the game. No joke, I am interested in playing and possibly streaming it in the near future, and I'm very glad you left a lot of it for us! Much appreciated, Git! ^w^

  11. Don't know why, but I misread the title as "bridges"
    I said to myself, that sounds cool.
    But I was wrong.
    It was still a cool video anyway.
    Get it? Cool?

    No but seriously, great vid.

  12. Rotom-Fridge can also use the Buginium Z in Gen 7 to use Savage Spin-Out and since it opens its door to use it, it looks like the most terrifying thing ever. Both a loyal friend and a scary enemy to face in battle.

  13. Number 3 was what I was hoping to see on this list.
    I had so much fun with that.
    "Oh boy, I hope this enemy doesn't have any food allergies!"
    enemy dies
    "I guess they DID have food allergies."

  14. I think the fridge at the beginning of Ghost Trick should be on this list. If it wasn't for the fridge, the player wouldn't have been able to move upwards and save an important character from death.


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