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  1. figures i'd find one of my fav games as a game grump ep with jon 😒 and he's bitching the whole time. danny would love this game.

  2. 5:18
    Jon is arguing that the art looks like a kid's drawing.
    Arin is arguing that the art style is supposed to look like a kid's drawing stylistically.
    Jon critizizes Arin for being an animator, and not realizing that the animation is bad
    What Jon doesn't know is that a lot of effort was probably put into the animation to look like that

  3. Ima have to disagree with Jon on this one. I'm going to college for animation and while the animation is limited, it's definitely not bad. It's a stylistic choice and they nailed it.

  4. Don't care if this is four years ago, seeing this in the mass of videos makes me really happy. My friend has this game, its really cute and fun to play when you have the time.
    Arin, bring it back please!

  5. Hey, everybody. I'm playing a Game Grumps drinking game with friends and I need your help. We're supposed to drink every time Jon says "ECH," and there's a dispute as to whether the sneeze at 1:16 was "ECH-CHOO" or a simple "ACHOO".
    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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