Tork: Prehistoric Punk (XBOX) Playthrough #01


Tork: Prehistoric Punk walkthrough part 1
In this playthrough, I am just going for the finish, not really collecting stuff (unless it’s on the way) or getting the hidden things. Thanks for understanding!

Tork: Prehistoric Punk (XBOX) Playthrough #01


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  1. I'm surprised the developer never thought to make it so that you had to time your strikes just right in order to get an infinite chain of strikes. Interesting how it starts off as one of those games with no voiced lines, just grunts and such for the characters.

  2. Always loved the trailer for this game on my Halo: Combat Evolved disc. Never saw anything else of the game until now.

  3. I like the prehistoric environment but I he have fucked up because humans did not live at the time of the dinosaurs nor mammoths or other ice age creatures

  4. I played this game for many years as a kid but now I lost it and can't play it and this brings back all my memories

  5. I just don't see a video of anyone having uploading this while it running on 360's backwards-compatibility. Would you happen to have an Xbox 360 & confirm if what the Wikipedia page says is true? I would truly appreciate it!

  6. Is this game 16:9 on Xbox 360 thru backwards-compatibility?
    Or just while running on Xbox? According to the wikipage, it's not, but that list is not 100% accurate. Coud anyone confirm?


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