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Deep down we’ve all got little bit of architect and carpenter in us. There’s this innate desire to build and create. In some of us, there’s also a schadenfreude-esque desire to see our friends fail and watch that glimmer of hope in their eyes disappear only to find their plans have been ruined. Of course that’s only a small percentage of people. Luckily, Tummple is just the game for people like you! Part Jenga, part Suspend, players must role a dice to determine what type of piece to stack on the structure being assembled by the rest of the players. Make it fall over and you must keep those bricks. Be the player with the least amount of bricks at the end to win. This suspenseful and engaging game is great for those looking to brush up on their physics and spatial reasoning skills. And the wooden block design is beautiful and durable as well, guaranteed to fall and be drenched by the tears of your opponents numerous times. Muahaha!

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  1. Just got the game in the mail yesterday. What would you suggest doing to break a tie? I was thinking both players place 4-5 blocks back in the box and keep rolling until those 8-10 blocks are used. Hopefully after those extras blocks there will be a winner.


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