Windows 10: How to create or use a homegroup?


Homegroup works on windows 7,8 & 10, One user creates a homegroup and others in the network join that. They can share folders and documents instantly.

Use of homegroup is secure sharing method as it involves sharing of password to access the folders or libraries.

There are two prerequisites to homegroup:

All windows computers should be on the same network.

Use of sharing wizard should be turned on under Folder options.

One can even share any folder form any drive, just by doing right click then share option. Give it only view right or you may provide view & edit rights to it. Other PC can access this file or folder from users under network.

Please note: Homegroup does not allow for sharing folders to systems other than windows.

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  1. Actually Microsoft has deprecated/retired homegroup feature in Windows 10. According to Microsoft, homegroup feature was useful for the pre-cloud and pre-mobile era, but today this functionality is built right into Windows 10 and apps.

  2. I was trying to access files on a Win-10 PC through my LAN wired on Cat-5e from a Win-7 PC and always came up against "USER_PASS" issue. There is no user pass on my network and why not update all PC's to Win-10? Because I've lost valuable Adobe Apps during replacement of operating system and it's expensive to pay monthly for software I paid for on license. It is now Aug. 13, 2019 and with Harish Bali's videos I was able to make it work again. Thank you so very very much !

  3. My sharing center doesn't have the option "Homegroup connection" So does it mean I don't have it? I'm using windows 10

  4. I don't have "Home Group Connection" , so how can I enable it if I don't have it. And why do you have it but I don't?

  5. can't we do it on a hotspot of a mobile phone because i tried on it and it was not working, please tell if we can do it over a mobile network.Thank you.

  6. Bro windows 10 or 8 me homegroup cnect huskta ha kia?
    Bcz agr me windows 10 me hmgrp create karn to windows 8 pe join now ka optn ni ata.jb k dono PCs ik e network se cnect hn.

  7. Hello sir, your video really help me,thank u sir..
    I want to create new home group but there is already exist a home group,and i dont know the password and admin system from where its been created,so,I just want restore all of my network,so that I can create new home group in a systematic way. Kindly help me pls..

  8. Windows 10 pro. Under Network and internet there is no choose homegroup and sharing option only View network status and tasks

  9. I've got a 1G onboard LAN connection to the router for internet and a 10G connection from PCs 10G NIC to the DS1517+. In Network and sharing centre the 10G network is listed as an unidentified network. How do I add this to one? Thanks. BTW, I've restarted the PC.

  10. HomeGroup has been removed from Windows 10 (Version 1803). For more info, see HomeGroup removed from Windows 10 (Version 1803).

  11. 3:57 – With this method i can see the shared folder/drive whit a PC that is NOT in the homegroup, just on the same network. I only want to share with my homegroup (which is my own desktop PC and my laptop), noone else. Any idea? Iam not interested in sharing documents, pictures, music, videos but rather specific folders and drives.

  12. Followed all steps but when I tried accessing the homegroup from a different PC it said that there are no homegroups in this network. Please help?


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